Reuters Market Data System (RMDS)

RMDS is the next generation successor for the Reuters Triarch and TIB market data platforms. It integrates the best features from these two systems and provides clients with an unprecedented combination of functionality, flexibility, low total cost of ownership, manageability and reliability.

It is a highly scalable system that distributes real-time market information from a variety of market data sources to a range of analytical, display and trading applications.

RMDS is a modular system consisting of several products which can be introduced incrementally. These products provide a number of powerful capabilities.

Reuters Market Data System 6

RMDS 6 is the latest version of Reuters market data platform. Designed around new, ultra-efficient core components, it brings unprecedented speed, resilience and flexibility to your data operations.

Reuters has also introduced the Open Message Model (OMM) in this release. OMM is a new and open set of data modelling tools that allows the representation of data using complex data structures and rich request paradigms. OMM will provide support for Full Order Books, and has the flexibility to allow customers to create their very own domain objects if they so require. SSL 4.x and SASS3 data models will continue to be supported.

A key feature of RMDS 6 is a new binary message format called Reuters Wire Format (RWF) which substantially reduces the size of the market data updates. This increased efficiency will allow RMDS 6 to support higher update rates and comfortably manage the rapid growth in real-time update rates in the market.

RMDS 6 is fully backwards compatible; it will allow users wanting to take advantage of the new components the ability to roll them out gradually with continued support for legacy applications.

Some advantages of RMDS 6 are:

RMDS 6 Infrastructure


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