Our APIs and Technologies

The financial markets are a demanding industry for programmers. Applications have a whole range of requirements to access and publish information at lightning speeds to ensure that end-users have the most up-to-date and accurate information possible on which to make critical decisions.

Thomson Reuters Elektron Platform (TREP) is an open system that provides this information, distributed over LAN, WAN or Internet, to all types of applications. Thomson Reuters currently offers Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that provide open access to all the information found on the Thomson Reuters Elektron Platform (TREP) as well as the ability to publish custom, value-added information onto the same system.

Thomson Reuters Elektron Platform provides APIs for consuming, publishing and contributing market data to the TREP such as Ultra Performance API (UPA), the Robust Foundation API (RFA) and the System Foundation Classes (SFC). These APIs are critical for building real-time market data applications today that work on TREP .

Ultra Performance API

The Ultra Performance API (UPA) is a low-level internal API which is utilized by the Thomson Reuters Elektron Platform and its dependent APIs for the optimized distribution of Open Message Model(OMM)/Reuters Wire Format (RWF).

It allows clients to write applications with the highest performance, highest throughput, and lowest latency to be utilized with the Thomson Reuters Elektron Platform. It is compatible with Open Message Model(OMM) data; OMM allows complex data such as order books and custom data to be delivered.

Compliance, Manageability & Internet APIs

TREP APIs addressing specific needs of compliance and the Internet:

Enterprise products

Thomson Reuters also provides a number of non-TREP related products bringing data to your enterprise:

Robust Foundation APIs

Robust Foundation API (RFA) provides a single, low-level, multi-threaded API that applications can use with Thomson Reuters systems to publish and consume data. Additionally, the RFA C++, RFA .Net, and RFA Java Edition development kits are compatible with Open Message Model(OMM) data. OMM allows complex data such as order books and custom data to be delivered by TREP:

System Foundation Classes

System Foundation Classes (SFC) provides a higher level API consisting of a framework of abstract data models that incorporate intelligence related to financial application domains:

Developer Tools

Thomson Reuters provides a number of free tools to help with the development and testing of your applications and infrastructure such as RFA performance test tools.

In addition to these there is also the ReplayService tool which provides the ability to run sophisticated and comprehensive tests with your developed market data applications: