Excel Adapter
Description: The RTD Adapter for Excel is a powerful tool, enabling financial professionals to make specific calculations, charts etc. using information from financial markets directly into their Excel spreadsheets. It is based on a cutting-edge lock-free C++ technology. The adapter enables user to be subscribed for as many as hundred thousands instruments with real-time updates.

The main features of the adapter are : extreme performance, easy of use and stability.

The adapter is able to consume data from RMDS and any other source supported by B2N platform.

Support for full OrderBook and arrays/lists/indices are embedded.

Using the adapter together with the B2N XL Toolbar and VBA MD2 API can help enormously to create complex spreadsheets and match precise user requirements.
Is this a Data Source on RMDS?: No
Business Function: Thomson Reuters Data Feeds, Direct Exchange Data, Broker Data, Vendor contributions, Server side consolidation of multiple data sources, Development Tools, Management & Testing, Enterprise Extensions (i.e. MQ Series), Trade Analytics, Programmatic/Algo Trading, Portfolio Management, Trade Analytics, Portfolio Risk, Asset Liability Management, Compliance, Sell-side, Buy-side
Asset Type: Institutional Equities
Operating System: Windows
Thomson Reuters Platform: Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform (TREP)

Company: B2N Limited
Address: The Clockhouse, Station Approach, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1NT
Sales Contact - Telephone: +44 207 6177611
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