Global Relay Archive
Description: Global Relay is Thomson Reuters’ exclusive Compliance Archiving Partner for Thomson Reuters Compliance Manager (TRCM) and for Eikon messaging. Global Relay provides Thomson Reuters Messenger customers with a one-stop solution for real-time collaboration and compliance for firms to meet SEC and FINRA regulatory demands and address eDiscovery needs. Global Relay Archive securely logs all Thomson Reuters Messenger content, including intra- and intra-company messaging and chat conversations, sessions with public IM users, shared files and screen shots, for both mobile and Web-based users. Global Relay Archive enforces corporate policies, and mitigates business and legal risks with long-term archiving and online search and flagging. Compliance officers are able to review, retrieve and monitor all Thomson Reuters Messenger content for compliance, audit & policy purposes. Optionally, customers may include their corporate email in Global Relay Archive.
Is this a Data Source on RMDS?: No
Business Function: Data Sources, Thomson Reuters Data Feeds, News, Other consolidated Data Feeds, Direct Exchange Data, Broker Data, Vendor contributions, Server side consolidation of multiple data sources, Enterprise Risk Management, Market Risk, Credit Risk, Operational Risk, Asset Liability Management, Compliance, Sell-side, Buy-side, Other Market Data and Integration Platforms, Contribution Servers, Non-capital Markets Software
Asset Type: Cross Asset
Operating System: Linux, Solaris, Windows, Other
Thomson Reuters Platform: Data Stream

Company: Global Relay
Address: 286 Madison Avenue, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10016-6368
Sales Contact - Telephone: 604.484.6630
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